Taken by Aliens

Our new album contains some awesome cranky songs like the psychedelic essence "The new Hairstyle", the metaphorically overloaded "On the Road to I don't Know," the dream sequence "In Another World," the socio-critical exegesis "No Chance" and the punk tutorial "Pogo Class". Most important for us is the title song "Taken by Aliens", which was produced in hard times, when the heart of the band was almost taken by Aliens.

All songs base on melodies. Achim handed over to Jo just a CD with 10 tunes and asked him to find some escorting lyrics. Jo's claim was obviously high: He wanted the lyrics to pick up and carry on the melody, which became a longer meditation. It was in the last minute before the alien invasion, when Jo took heart and worked blisteringly fast. Every night a song was completed, excuses were not accepted. The Aliens had to leave empty-handed.

We have now persuaded Bernhard Nitsche to join our virtual band. You will notice his amazing keys in many of our songs.

Taken by Aliens was released in April 2013.

Glue Together

In some ways, this album is following up on the stories that have been told on our previous album "Lost Avatar": The poor old avatar, who was desperately waiting for salvation in a bar at the edge of the world, is now making religious experiences in the land of his saviour. At the same time the "Prisoner of Love" from the mentioned album managed a jailbreak and has now "Escaped love". But of course we're also beginning new stories, first to mention the title song "Glue Together", which is about two teenagers in love who want to glue themselves together so that their parents must revise their plans to relocate. "The Gourmet" is about a man who cannot decide, except when it really counts. "Can you go with me" finally is again a pretty love song. Musically, a variety of styles is represented, first time including disco and gospel.

This time we were supported by the marvellous keyboarder Bernhard Nitsche, and the text for "Voices to Remember" was contributed by Achims italian fried Diego Ceresa.

Glue Together was released in July, 2012.

Lost Avatar

Our debut album tells many stories, such as about the "Prisoner of Love" who wakes up in a cell, or about the "Burn out Man" who has to save the world. "Milk and Honey" promises the paradise, if you just go to bed a little bid earlier, and from the title track "Lost Avatar" we learn, where avatars roam the night, when they are left alone. The songs cover a wide musical spectrum - from hard rock to electro, funk, rap and blues to country. Even two children's songs are on it, which we wrote for our little ones.

With the creation of this album another story began in fall 2010, the story of the rock band "Abendblau", whose members have long been friends, but live in different cities and play in various bands. Jo sent his old friend Achim a number of lyrics, which Achim did provide with melodies. Secretly, Achim added "Wrong Way", a youthful folly of Jo that went lost for 25 years in a folder, and had been completely forgotten. One can not imagine Jo's surprise.

Lost Avatar was released in April, 2011.